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Michael Mellor

I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects as a freelance designer. I am skilled at logo design, print design and web design. I have over six years’ experience in the design industry and bring creative and technical foresight to every project.

The Sidekicks

Jessie Mellor

Jessie Mellor

Ring Leader

Jessie has exceptional research skills, provides a unique view in the product development process, and has achieved professional level with spending company profits. She also provides corporate wellness designed to boost the teams creativity.


Profit Spent

Gryphon Mellor

Gryphon Mellor

Ninja Warrior

Gryphon oversees all creative direction and keeps my office supplies unorganized, depleted and broken. He plays devil’s advocate and ALWAYS voices his opinion. In his free time he trains to be the youngest American Ninja Warrior in history.

Pencils Stolen

Nika Mellor

Nika Mellor


Nika contributes her fire to the office atmosphere. She is in charge of morale and scheduling company activities and retreats. As an avid interior decorator, Nika keeps my office adorned with the latest My Little Pony action figures and stickers.

Computer Stickers Applied

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